Having a website that is easy and intuitive to navigate is every bit as important as having a pleasing visual layout. That has been my guiding design principle since I first began working with the web. Users should be visually engaged, but they should also never be confused as to how they got to the page they are on, or how to find the information they are looking for. Technologies have changed over the years, but my initial understanding of the importance of easily navigable interface design combined with appealing visual design has never wavered.

I have been designing for the web nearly as long as it has existed. I learned to build websites before there were code editors, and am proficient in responsive web authoring using HTML5/CSS3, javascript/JQuery placement, Dreamweaver, and Wordpress template customization. Recent sites I have designed and constructed function responsively across desktop, tablet, and mobile environments. Over the past decade and a half, I have designed websites for many individual and corporate clients, nationwide. Below are examples of websites I have designed and constructed.

Responsive website for a film production company
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Responsive portfolio website for a fine artist.
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Responsive E-commerce website for a personal product line. Click image to view. (opens in new tab)

E-commerce website for a home accent company.
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Website for a finance organization.
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Website for an independent film production company.
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Website for a business management company.
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Portfolio website for a commercial photographer.

In addition to the examples above, I have also constructed a variety of websites using existing designs for many different clients. Please see my experience page for a full listing of my web production work.